Tuesday's News & Ideas - 1/7/2020

  • UMC separation plan reactions
  • Clergy overwork
  • India’s Muslims unsafe
  • Claiborne’s evangelicalism
  • Minority survivors of abuse
  • Myths and the unknowable

Reaction aplenty to separation plan
United Methodist News Service: Support, criticism, heartbreak. All were voiced and sometimes in combination. So was concern, including from Africa, about who wasn’t represented well enough at the negotiating table.

God rested. Why can’t clergy take a break?
Religion News Service: Professional ministry has a terrible tendency to valorize overworking as virtue, Laura Everett writes.

‘We are not safe’: India’s Muslims tell of wave of police brutality
The Guardian: Police in Uttar Pradesh state have embarked on ‘reign of terror’ against Muslims in wake of a new citizenship law.

The evangelist*
Washington Post: Can Shane Claiborne’s progressive version of evangelical Christianity catch on with a new generation?

Catholic church doesn’t track minority survivors of clerical abuse
Associated Press: For survivors of color, the lack of concerted outreach on behalf of the church means less public exposure -- and potentially, more opportunities for abuse to go on, undetected.

The Spark

My father and the dragon king
Myths were – are -- created to explain the unknown, like natural disasters, like death, like the unknowable bodies of water, Jami Nakamura Lin writes at Catapult.

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