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  • Christ & Cascadia
  • Fresh vision at Dallas church
  • Financial planning & religion
  • Baylor professor disputes decline
  • Tax scam church
  • A true story?

Christians discuss life in 'unchurched' NorthwestSeattle Times: Christ & Cascadia Conference to address spirituality in the Pacific Northwest, the first of many such events planned by Fuller Theological Seminary's Institute for Northwest Culture.

New pastor brings fresh vision, new flock to Dallas' St. Paul UMCThe Dallas Morning News: An unusual merger is aimed at reinvigorating one of the oldest African-American congregations in Dallas.

Why financial planning needs more religionMoney: Acknowledging faith and spirituality helps people better understand their financial goals -- and stick to them.

Baylor professor disputes reports of religious, church declineABP News/Herald: Contrary to popular belief -- and media reports -- Millennials and other young people are not abandoning church, says Baylor University professor Byron Johnson.

Invent a church, skip taxes, enrage IRS, go to jailForbes: Prosecutors say that 50-year-old orthopedic physician funneled his practice income through the "Church of Compassionate Service," a church the feds call a scam.

The Spark

'A true story?'When Debra Liese's oldest daughter was a baby, she carried with her, from car seat to crib, "My Little Golden Book About GOD." Soon, she writes at Commonweal, she had two more children, and each grew old enough to ask, "Is this story about God a true story?"

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