Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Stand against schism in Ga.
  • SBC conservative resurgence fail?
  • Meditation in the business school
  • Keller on emotion & faith
  • Schaefer, an unlikely activist
  • Maya Angelou on modesty & humility

North Georgia clergy, laity take stand against schismUnited Methodist News Service: As talk of UMC split reaches a fever pitch, a theologically diverse group of clergy and lay members of the North Georgia Annual Conference are signing a covenant calling for unity.

Did the Southern Baptist 'Conservative Resurgence' fail?The Daily Beast: America's largest Protestant denomination cracked down on moderates when the culture wars hit, arguing that liberalism led to decline. Now they're hemorrhaging members just like everyone else.

Meditation and the art of helping MBA students to become mindfulFinancial Times: Most business school professors teach subjects such as brand marketing, derivative analysis or supply chain management. Laurence Freeman teaches meditation.

Tim Keller: Emotion isn't the caboose to faithChristianity Today: Tim Keller says Christianity needs to make emotional sense before it can make rational sense.

Pastor Frank Schaefer never expected to speak for gay rights. His son's gay wedding changed everything.The Washington Post: Even as he passionately advocates for gay rights, Frank Schaefer is an unlikely activist.

The Spark

Why Maya Angelou disliked modestyIn October 2008 writer Dawn Reiss flew to New York after haggling for months for an interview with Maya Angelou. Beforehand, she was emailed a set of "communication courtesy" instructions. Although she had interviewed other celebrities, the list was a first. "I had no idea what to expect."

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