Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Spirituality at home
  • Crumbling churches in France
  • Bullying in Britain
  • Welcome the exceptional
  • Children of Afghanistan

House of worshipNewsweek:  Small but growing number of Americans attend house churches.Waterloo (Iowa) Courier:  Small blessings: Microchurches growing trend in area, nationRising price of faith in France’s shrinking parishesThe New York Times:  Across France, villages are being forced to ask hard questions about their deteriorating churches, as churchgoers dwindle and upkeep costs mount.Three questions executives should ask for the new yearHarvard Business Review blogs: What makes some leaders great and others weak? http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010

Clergy and ministers need protection from Church bullying, union saysThe (London) Times:  British clergy joining trade union to protect themselves from alleged culture of bullying.Welcome the exceptionalChristianity Today: Churches that embrace people with disabilities do more than they imagine.

The Spark

Afghanistan is not kind to childrenThirty years of war have marred Afghanistan’s land, decimated its economy, and exposed Afghans to human loss on a grand scale. The country ranks second to last on the UN's human-development index, and for children, the consequences have been especially acute, Slate reports. Afghanistan is not kind to children.

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