Tuesday's News & Ideas

Yet another presidential pray-er, unhealthy clergy, and seminaries squeezed by the economic collapse. For the gospel to be good news, we have to glance at the bad news first.

When serving the Lord, ministers are often found to neglect themselves The New York Times: A group of theologians and social scientists at Duke have embarked on the Clergy Health Initiative.

Segway inventor reveals 'toughest question' CNN: For entrepreneurs, it’s the toughest question there is: When to quit.

Obama chooses Bishop V. Gene Robinson for inaugural kickoff events Chicago Tribune: President-elect Barack Obama has chosen the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church to pray at the kickoff event for the inaugural festivities. Slate: God Bless, and Bless, and Bless, and Bless America: How many preachers does one inauguration need?

Biblical literacy reaches new low Christianity Today, Out of Ur blog: Why "John 3:16" being the top Google search isn't something to celebrate. Time, photo essay: John 3:16 in pop culture

Stocks squeeze seminaries Christianity Today: Financial crisis may claim more evangelical schools in 2009.

Hack your brain

The Spark

Do you ever want to change the way you see the world? Wouldn't it be fun to hallucinate on your lunch break? Although we typically associate such phenomena with powerful drugs like LSD or mescaline, it's easy to fling open the doors of perception without them, the Boston Globe reports. All it takes is a basic understanding of how the mind works. That and some ping-pong balls and a radio.