Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • CoE approves women bishops
  • Wise & human pope
  • Church & middle class decline
  • St. Paul on women
  • Preserving church ruins
  • Walk happy

Church of England formally approves plans for women bishopsBBC: The Church of England has formally adopted legislation which means its first female bishops could be ordained next year.

Michael Gerson: Pope Francis challenges the faithfulWashington Post: While popes may or may not be infallible, this one is marvelously wise and human, Michael Gerson says.

Why Christianity and the middle class are both in declineOn Faith: As the middle class goes, so goes the church.

What did St Paul say about women?BBC: Can two sides in a debate - both composed of sincere, intelligent people - look at precisely the same set of evidence and reach precisely opposite verdicts?

Ruined church to be preserved - masons work to rescue ancient Enagh ChurchBelfast Telegraph: It may look like a bit of a lost cause at first glance, but stonemasons have stepped in to preserve the ruins of Enagh Church in the Foyle Valley.

The Spark

Walk this way: acting happy can make it soResearch shows that people can improve their mood with small changes in behavior, the Wall Street Journal reports. Talking to strangers, arranging a match between friends, even putting on a happy walk may give your mood a boost.

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