Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Rise of the Christian left
  • Gay rights & religious freedom
  • Evangelizing Portland
  • Iraq's waterless Christians
  • Children on the border
  • Aquifer running dry in Texas

Rise of the Christian left: Why the religious right's moment may be endingSalon: From Pope Francis to a generation with new priorities, the finest Christian traditions are being reinvigorated.

Did Obama finally thread the needle on gay rights and religious freedom?Religion News Service: President Obama may have finally found a small patch of middle ground with Monday's move to bar federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

Evangelical group sets sights on secular PortlandAssociated Press: An evangelical Christian group plans to try to convert children as young as 5 at Portland apartment pools, public parks and other gathering spots this summer -- a campaign that's got some residents upset.

Iraq's waterless Christians: the campaign to expel a religionBusinessweek: In a further effort to oust Christians from land they have inhabited for two millennia, the Islamic militants have begun turning off a precious utility: water.

What are we going to do about all those children?ABPnews/Herald: The border crisis is so catastrophic, we overlook a simple factor: We're talking about the most vulnerable group in this hemisphere.

The Spark

Wantonly, casually, we watch the water of life drain awayIn 1936, farmers began digging wells into the Ogallala Aquifer on the south Texas plains. But the aquifer is now running dry, Melissa Musick Nussbaum writes at the National Catholic Reporter. Farmers don't speak of the water of life, but they know that water is life. We spill it as we spill blood.

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