Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Denomination HQ sale
  • Mormon women blocked
  • Mental health training for pastor
  • Seattle pastor apologizes
  • Texas seminary goes online
  • What's so funny?

Denominations downsizing and selling assets in more secular eraThe New York Times: Multiple religious denominations are simultaneously downsizing and raising money by selling longtime headquarters in expensive neighborhoods.

Mormon women seeking priesthood may be blocked from Temple SquareSalt Lake Tribune: Church rejects request for tickets to all-male meeting, bars news cameras from square during conference.

'Clergy Academy' trains recruits on mental health Southern California Public Radio: LA County launches "Clergy Academy" to help equip faith leaders in immigrant communities help parishioners dealing with mental health issues.

Pastor Mark Driscoll apologizes for missteps, quits social mediaReligion News Service: Seattle megachurch pastor has written a letter to his congregation to explain recent controversies.

Henderson seminary looks to expand teachings with outreachLongview (Texas) News-Journal: East Texas seminary adds online classes and new degrees while staying true to a conservative Baptist interpretation of scripture.

The Spark

The science of when we laugh and whyIn his new book, "HA!," cognitive neuroscientist Scott Weems explores the science "of when we laugh and why." In addition to being fun, laughter is a mechanism for coping and bonding Weems tells NPR, and it has health benefits as well.

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