Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Francis, the Great Reformer
  • Breaking from the mainline
  • What if no Moses?
  • GTS as labor dispute
  • Religion & spending
  • Sister Aimee's disappearance

Book review: 'The Great Reformer,' Pope Francis, by Austen IvereighWashington Post: New book chronicles an unlikely reformation unfolding before our eyes that may be the blueprint for the life of that world to come.

Not just gay issues: Why hundreds of congregations made final break with mainline denominationsAssociation of Religion Data Archives: The floodgates have lifted as decades-old tensions between liberals and conservatives have reached breaking points.

Man versus myth: does it matter if the Moses story is based on fact?The (London) Guardian: As Ridley Scott prepares to release another blockbuster based on the exodus, the row has reignited the debate over whether Judaism's historical savior actually existed.

GTS situation is just a typical labor dispute… but with clergyReligion Dispatches: Regardless of the particular issues of concern, the style in which they were presented or the various policies of the institution, this is essentially a labor dispute.

Prudent but not puritanEconomist: The picture that emerges is one of religious types engaging in sensible, but not self-denying, behavior.

The Spark

The mysterious disappearance of a celebrity preacherAimee Semple McPherson was one of the most glamorous women in the US in the 1920s. The evangelical preacher put on theatrical church services and used ground-breaking radio broadcasts to teach the gospel. But as the BBC reports, one mysterious episode in her life has never been fully explained.

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