Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • UMC group calls for breakup
  • Pope's rollicking plane ride home
  • Role of college chapels
  • Tune-up for Cardinal Dolan
  • As skeptics die, Christianity grows
  • Academic booster: Books at home

Conservative United Methodists say divide over sexuality is 'irreconcilable'Religion News Service: Will the United Methodist Church soon have to drop the "United" part of its name?United Methodist Reporter: Amicable breakup of UMC needed, pastor group says

Pope Francis's rollicking plane ride home: Rule of celibate priests 'always open' to changeWashington Post: In freewheeling exchange, Pope Francis takes an hour of questions that touched on sexual assault victims, celibate priests and whether he had plans for retirement.

Study: Two bay area college chapels find less focus for organized religionTampa Bay Times: Tampa study finds that students are turning less to college and university chapels for worship and religious guidance.

In era of humble pope, earth shifts under Cardinal DolanThe New York Times: Some see the influence of Cardinal Dolan, once considered a possible candidate for pope himself, waning in the era of the new pontiff.

Christianity will rise as sceptics die out, geneticist claimsThe (London) Telegraph: Growth of Christianity in Africa coupled with population decline in Europe will trigger new resurgence of the religion, academic claims.

The Spark

Books in the home are strongly linked to academic achievementWith the school year ending and report cards being issued, many parents are wondering what they can do to boost their children's academic performance. Newly published research suggests a simple and effective answer: Build up your home library.

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