Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Evangelicals try to save Detroit
  • Controversy surrounds Pius’ sainthood
  • Where, oh, where have the leaders gone?
  • The power of magical thinking

In Detroit, grounds for church plantingWall Street Journal: New evangelical congregations take root in depressed areas, but the city's deep burdens sometimes hinder mission.  Their founders typically are transplants who say they feel called to help Detroit pull itself back from the brink. Anger as Pius moves closer to sainthoodThe Independent: A leading rabbi accused Pope Benedict XVI of "insensitivity" towards Jews yesterday after the head of the Catholic Church moved his controversial World War II-era predecessor Pope Pius XII a step closer to sainthood.Boston Globe: Pope speaks of Holocaust memorial The Builders' ManifestoHarvard Business Review Blog:  Umair Haque would like to advance a hypothesis: 20th century leadership is what's stopping 21st century prosperity. Most charities fare poorly in crucial end-of-year giving seasonThe Chronicle of Philanthropy: Americans are buying more holiday gifts this season than last, but that same spirit of generosity has yet to reach most charities, according to a poll by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.Challenging traditions at the heart of JudaismNew York Times: A struggle for the character of the Western Wall, this city’s iconic Jewish holy site and central place of worship, is under way, and it is being fought with prayer shawls and Torah scrolls.

The Spark

The power of magical thinkingWall Street Journal: Is the Tooth Fairy real? How about the garbage man? Those questions may seem trivial, but how young children answer them is an important indicator of cognitive development. Increasingly, child-development experts are recognizing the importance of  imagination and the role it plays in understanding reality.