Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Religious left enters healthcare fight
  • The new tithe: ‘10% of 0 is 0’
  • ‘No, you’re fired!’
  • Edupunks on the march

U.S. religious left wades into healthcare fightReuters:  Liberal religious groups are teaming up with President Obama to counter surprisingly vehement conservative opposition to his healthcare plan.

New nuns and priests seen opting for traditionThe New York Times:  Study finds new nuns and priests in the U.S. are more diverse than predecessors and are attracted to more traditional religious orders.

Church bans six dissident membersSouth Florida Sun Sentinel: New Coral Ridge pastor moves against members who want him fired for allegedly deserting the heritage of his revered predecessor.

Slump strains church finances as need growsWall Street Journal: Across the country, congregations of all sizes and denominations are struggling with issues of faith and finance as the recession grinds on.

New Baptist Covenant speaker says Baptists must move beyond status quoAssociated Baptist Press: Rather than worrying about their sustainability, Baptists must relinquish the status quo in order to unleash God's power.

The Spark

How web-savvy edupunks are transforming American higher educationThe edupunks -- a growing movement toward high-tech do-it-yourself education -- are on the march. From VC-funded startups to the ivied walls of Harvard, new experiments and business models are springing up from entrepreneurs, professors, and students alike, Fast Company magazine reports. Want a class that's structured like a role-playing game? An accredited bachelor's degree for a few thousand dollars? A free, peer-to-peer Wiki university? These all exist today, the overture to a complete educational remix. The architects of education 2.0 predict that traditional universities will find themselves on the wrong side of history, alongside newspaper chains and record stores.