Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Hobby Lobby decision
  • Festering church-state issues
  • Driscoll’s publishing downfall
  • Praying to keep LeBron James in Miami
  • Anne Lotz: End is near
  • How will the future view us?

The Hobby Lobby decisionNational Catholic Reporter: Supreme Court decision reflects the muddled quality of culture “wars,” does little to assuage them, and the reactions indicate that the “wars” will continue because powerful interests want them to not because the issues at stake are incapable of resolution.Brookings: What does the Hobby Lobby ruling mean for religious freedom?

After Hobby Lobby, here are four other festering church-state issuesWashington Post: Hot-button as it was, “Hobby Lobby” is just one sign of many that the relationship between church and a much more diverse American state is being renegotiated.

Megachurch star Mark Driscoll’s publishing downfallThe Daily Beast: After defending the controversial Seattle pastor from charges of plagiarism, his publisher has shelved his next book and his church’s designated imprint.

Florida church dedicates service to keeping LeBron James in MiamiThe Root: Church takes ESPN twitter campaign to another level when congregants and clergy wore headbands and dedicated part of their service to “King James.”

Billy Graham's daughter says the end is near, calls for a week of prayerChristian Today: Anne Graham Lotz urges Christians to get right with God.

The Spark

What our descendants will deplore about usHow will the future view us? Tom Chatfield of the BBC asked some of the world’s best minds, and discovered that we will be seen as barbaric in ways we may not even realize.

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