Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Forgive us our debtors
  • Christians flocking to Facebook
  • The retiring Justice Souter

Churches flock to social networking sitesAssociated Baptist Press:  For churches eager to connect with millions of Christians—including their members—social networking on the Web has become unavoidable.

Bully-boy school of managementFinancial Times:  Sometimes, CEOs have to push people to get things done. But a boss who pushes hard all the time is a bully, and management by bullying always ends badly. (Site requires registration)

Does God want you to be bankrupt?The New York Times:  As Congress considers bankruptcy-law changes, Your Money columnist looks to the world’s great religions for guidance.

Leading in a culture of changeAlban Institute:  Given the chaotic nature of change, linear, step-by-step processes which attempt to manage it are problematic, especially for most congregations.

The Spark

Justice CincinnatusFew justices have been as consistently misunderstood as David Souter, says Kermit Roosevelt, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a former clerk for Justice Souter. Even at the end of his service on the Supreme Court, the conventional view is that he is a shy and bookish recluse, hiding from the modern world, Roosevelt writes on the Slate website. This characterization misunderstands the man: David Souter—a dying breed, the Yankee Republican.