Tuesday's News & Ideas - 2/11/2020

  • Impeachment & theology
  • Judith Butler’s nonviolence
  • Sanders shaped by religion
  • Church innovation for solar
  • Appearance of being ethical
  • Being erased

Impeachment leads to theological war of words among Trump critics and backers
Religion News Service: In the drama-filled final week of President Trump's impeachment trial, God was essentially a supporting character.

Judith Butler defends an aggressive nonviolence in her newest book
America: For Butler, nonviolence “emerges as a meaningful concept precisely when destruction is most likely or seems most certain.”

Bernie Sanders, America’s most prominent ‘unaffiliated’ politician, still says religion shaped his values*
Washington Post: Sen. Bernie Sanders, perhaps the most prominent politician in America who is religiously unaffiliated, spoke about how the Jewish faith has had a major impact on his politics and values.

Michigan church shares innovative plan for low-cost solar panels
Christian Century: After installing solar panels in their home, Fred and Nancy Elmore began thinking about how their church could do the same.

Research: The downsides of trying to appear ethical*
Harvard Business Review: Attempts to maintain the appearance of doing what’s morally right can lead decision makers to engage in various wrongs.

The Spark

My body is an archive
An archivist whose work centers on overlooked women in history writes about being kicked out of her own home, “Everything was in its usual place, except for me. I had been erased.”

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