Tuesday's News & Ideas - 2/25/2020

  • SCOTUS on religion & adoption
  • Bloomberg’s Muslim surveillance
  • Finances of GC2020
  • Carnival & indigenous religions
  • How to be good
  • Rape & the ‘right response’

In battle over faith-based adoption agencies and LGBTQ rights, advocates clash over what’s best for kids
Deseret News: The Supreme Court will hear a case involving a Catholic adoption agency in Philadelphia.
Vox: The fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court

Advocacy groups renew call for Bloomberg to renounce NYPD’s Muslim surveillance
HuffPost: The 2020 candidate has a problematic record when it comes to policing and violating Muslim civil rights, they say.

Looking at financial impact of GC2020 plans
United Methodist News Service: With a possible denominational split on the horizon, the task of preparing The United Methodist Church’s budget for the next four years comes with far more uncertainty than usual.

Rio Carnival schools make plea for end of religious abuse
Associated Press: While most neo-Pentecostal proselytizing is peaceful, the spread of the faith has been accompanied a surge of intolerance against traditional African-influenced religions.

How to be good*
New York Times: What a therapist, scholar, monk, C.E.O. and others can teach us about bringing our best to everything we do, every day.

The Spark

I kept talking to my rapists
So many of us berate ourselves over the question* “Why did I not have the right response?” Jeannie Vanasco writes in The Atlantic.

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