Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Power Pentecostalisms
  • On call to the parish
  • Scandal challenges Orthodox insularity
  • X Games bad boys turn to the Bible

Power PentecostalismsChristianity Today: Along with Christianity’s gaining a new geographical center, theology, too, is moving south. If you are wondering where your pastor will get his ideas in a decade or two, you might look to Latin America, writes Milton Acosta, an Old Testament professor in Colombia. On call to the parishIrish Times: Clerical families often live their lives at the heart of a community, with all of the privacy issues and huge benefits this brings.  The clergy of the Church of Ireland exemplify this balance.  Scandal challenges Orthodox insularityThe Jewish Daily Forward: A “wake-up call” is how a number of ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders are describing the recent arrest of several New York-area rabbis on federal money laundering charges. Episcopal Church picks gay priests for promotionNew York Times: Only weeks after the Episcopal Church ended a de facto moratorium on promoting gay men and lesbians into the church hierarchy, church leaders in Los Angeles nominated two openly gay priests as assistant bishops. 

The Spark

Some X Games bad boys turn to the BibleBrian Deegan and his band of freestyle motocross miscreants called the Metal Mulisha wore black and were covered in tattoos. They brawled, cursed and stirred up trouble. In their sport, they were the bad guys.  So when Deegan was baptized, he wondered what his fans would think. After a near-fatal crash in 2005 while attempting a back flip during filming for a television show, he lost a kidney and four pints of blood, and found religion.