Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Supreme Court prayer decision
  • Ga. churches push back on gun law
  • Ushers of the year
  • Latinos & future of US Catholicism
  • Lost generation
  • Roz Chast memoir

After Supreme Court ruling, do religious minorities have a prayer?CNN Belief blog: If you don't like it, leave the room. That's the essence of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's advice for atheists and others who object to sectarian prayers before government meetings.Christianity Today: Why we pray before public meetings (and let pagans do, too)The Atlantic: With the Supreme Court's help, religion creeps toward the state

Georgia's sweeping gun law sparks religious backlashTime: Some churches are advising members not to bring guns after Gov. Nathan Deal signed what critics call the "guns everywhere" law.

Ushers of the year? Attempted church robbery stopped by parishionersPhiladelphia Inquirer: Not at my church. That's the attitude -- described as both "pretty stupid" and "incredibly heroic" -- that two ushers had when an armed robber grabbed the collection following mass.

BC study says Latinos are key to future of US CatholicismBoston Globe: The future of Catholicism in America rests heavily on the church's ability to attract and retain young Hispanics according to a new study.

A lost generation?America: "Young Catholic America" offers thought-provoking sociology-of-religion explanations for how, when and why this sample of young people became who they are and what they don't believe and don't do any more.

The Spark

Why bring up death when we could talk about 'something more pleasant'?As an only child, cartoonist Roz Chast found herself as the sole caretaker for her parents when they reached old age. In her new, illustrated memoir, featured on NPR, Chast recounts the last years of her parents' lives and her relationship with them as their child and conflicted caretaker.

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