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  • Fight over?
  • Right confused after decision
  • Francis' family synod
  • No arguing church into prominence
  • Church people & religious knowledge
  • Marilynne Robinson & church

The same-sex marriage fight is overThe Atlantic: By refusing to take a stand on lower-court decisions, the justices have effectively settled the fight -- in favor of gays and lesbians who want to marry.

Religious right is confused after Supreme Court punts on same-sex marriage casesDeseret News: It's clear that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in 11 more states. Less clear is what the decision will mean for religious nonprofits and businesses whose owners claim to follow religious principles in opposing same-sex marriage.

Pope Francis' family synod forgoes flash for spiritual depthTIME: Something more is happening as bishops gather for the first major doctrinal and pastoral summit of the Francis papacy: a spiritual renewal that Pope Francis hopes to foster between church leaders and their people.

Christians cannot strategize and argue their way into renewed prominenceThe Week: The decline of Christianity will be reversed by attraction. The heart moves first, and then the head follows it.

Why don't religious people know more about religion?Pacific Standard: The committed may derive many things from their church attendance and faith, but knowledge of religion isn't one of them, according to a Pew quiz.

The Spark

Missing church, not religion: Why I read Marilynne RobinsonAnne Helen Petersen remembers fondly the church and religion she grew up with, a Protestantism without evangelism, known both for its intellectual rigor and the righteousness of its teachings. Which is why, she explains at BuzzFeed, that she finds herself so tethered to Marilynne Robinson's work.

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