Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • How to respond to Ferguson?
  • Rich pastors & IRS code
  • Sunday too busy for church
  • Communion wafer & connection
  • Pope: Europe needs purpose
  • Weird Thanksgiving

A decision in Ferguson: How should evangelicals respond?Christianity Today: In the wake of Ferguson grand jury verdict, it's important that all Christians, but specifically white evangelicals, talk a little less and listen a little more, Ed Stetzer says.St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Clergy greet grand jury announcement with prayer and calls for peace

How rich pastors are getting richer (while poor pastors stay poor)On Faith: The U.S. government's special tax benefit for pastors is promoting inequality among clergy.

Sunday morning inconvenient for church services ... says Church of EnglandThe (London) Telegraph: Sunday mornings aren't ideal for some families to attend church, says leading cleric as figures show many switching to midweek services

The hostAeon: The Communion wafer is food and symbol, relic and rite. In an age plagued by fears of disease, can it still help us connect?

Pope describes Europe as 'elderly and haggard'Wall Street Journal: Pontiff says continent needs new sense of purpose.

The Spark

When Thanksgiving was weirdIn turn-of-the-20th-century America, Thanksgiving fare was much like today's, with turkey, pork, apples and pies. But as NPR reports, there was also a widespread weirdness. Thanksgiving looked a heckuva lot like Halloween.

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