Tuesday's News & Ideas - 3/10/2020

  • Religion vs. coronavirus
  • DC congregants quarantine
  • Sanders & Muslim vote
  • Mennonites in Paraguay
  • Catholic abusers go abroad
  • McCoy Tyner’s sound

God vs. coronavirus*
New York Times: Religion is supposed to be a source of comfort in times of confusion and suffering. And yet everywhere you look, services are being suspended.

DC church rector who gave Communion and shook hands with worshippers has coronavirus
CNN: Hundreds of worshippers at Christ Church, Georgetown are being asked to self-quarantine after the church rector became the first confirmed Covid-19 case in Washington, DC.

Why Bernie Sanders brings out the Muslim vote
Religion News Service: It's no secret that Donald Trump has exacerbated American suspicions of Islam and Muslims, but many Muslims see establishment Democrats as no less guilty of perpetuating Islamophobic suspicions.

Mennonites helped turn Paraguay into a mega beef producer -- indigenous people may pay the price
The Conversation: The Mennonites’ success in transforming the Chaco into a ranching powerhouse now endangers this famous forest and threatens the very existence of indigenous people who’ve lived in the region since time immemorial.

Dozens of Catholic priests credibly accused of abuse found work abroad, some with the church’s blessing
ProPublica: The Catholic Church allowed more than 50 U.S.-based clergy to move abroad after facing credible accusations of sexual abuse. Some continued to work with children.

The Spark

McCoy Tyner’s simple, revolutionary sound
The legendary pianist,* who died last week at 81, played with John Coltrane and developed an instantly recognizable style, The Atlantic writes.

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