Tuesday's News & Ideas - 3/12/2019

  • Seminary president on grace
  • Australia's Catholics after Pell
  • Religious unaffiliation in Congress
  • Pirro and public religion
  • Instagram Bibles
  • WWW turns 30

A seminary president on finding grace in the age of Trump
The New Yorker: Union Theological Seminary president Serene Jones discusses the state of religion on the left and whether the embrace of Trump by religious Christians has changed how she views the country.

Cardinal Pell's legacy in Australia: Catholic Church's bank is full, but pews are empty
The New York Times: The shocking charges and subsequent conviction have hardened distrust and anger among Catholics in Australia, pushing the country's once robust church further into a precipitous -- and perhaps record-setting -- decline.

Religious unaffiliation is growing in the U.S. Why isn't it in Congress?
Religion News Service: Why aren't elected officials' religious affiliations reflecting the larger trend of decreasing religious affiliation? As the Pew numbers suggest, the divisions in our politics may be to blame.

What Jeanine Pirro's comments about llhan Omar reveal about public religion in America
The Week: Past eras were marked by a shared religious vocabulary among the majority (or rather, the majority of those allowed to participate in politics). That no longer exists.

Will Bibles designed for the Instagram generation get millennials into religion?
Vox: The Christian startup Alabaster expects to sell nearly $1 million worth of religious books this year.

The Spark

The World Wide Web -- not the internet -- turns 30 years old
Wondering what the difference is between the World Wide Web and the internet? Rethinking your ability to explain what the web actually is? Strap in with Vox, because there's no time like a birthday to time-travel through internet history.

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