Tuesday's News & Ideas - 3/2/2021

  • Conservative UMC plans
  • Bethany will serve LGBTQ parents
  • St. John’s fencing comes down
  • Francis & Biden
  • Biblical look at poverty
  • Bernette Johnson’s dissent

Conservative United Methodists announce new name, logo, website for planned denomination
Religion News Service: The planned denomination said it will split from the existing United Methodist Church no matter what the General Conference decides in 2022.

Major evangelical adoption agency will now serve gay parents nationwide*
The New York Times: The decision comes as more cities and states require organizations to accept applications from L.G.B.T.Q. couples or risk losing government contracts.

Fencing comes down at St. John’s church, Lafayette Park, after nearly nine months
DCist: Images of St. John’s Episcopal Church, free of the black barricades, spread on social media Monday morning -- symbolizing for some a step towards brighter days ahead for the city.

In Pope Francis, Biden has a potential ally -- who shares the same Catholic detractors
NPR: The Argentine-born pope and the new American president have both staked out liberal stances on issues like climate change and economic disparity, and have taken different positions from their “culture warrior” predecessors.

Food lines in the ‘land of plenty’
Sojourners: A biblical look at the crisis of poverty today.

The Spark

Former Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson’s fiery dissents
The rise of the first Black woman on the court was characterized by one battle after another with the Deep South’s white power structure, The Appeal says.

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