Tuesday's News & Ideas - 3/26/2019

  • Willow Creek crash lessons
  • Theology and Israel policy
  • Dem hopefuls talk about faith
  • White church and racist violence
  • Vatican women's mag quits
  • The argument for arugula

Willow Creek's crash shows why denominations still matter
Religion News Service: Tish Harrison Warren understands the desire to wash our hands of denominations. Linking ourselves to older institutions implicates us in past and present evil. But what happens when innovation backfires?

Theology can't explain Trump's Golan Heights announcement
Bloomberg: Rather than debating God's plan for the world, it's far more pragmatically valuable to ask whether there are defensible non-theological reasons for Trump's policy toward Israel.
Baptist News Global: Dispensationalists delight in Trump's Golan Heights statement

Which Democratic presidential hopefuls are talking about their faith?
America: As Democrats continue campaigning for the 2020 presidential primary season, some candidates appear to be highlighting issues of faith as they seek to appeal to a wider swath of voters.
New York Magazine: Openly gay, openly Christian Buttigieg challenges the religious right

Beyond condemning racist violence, the white church must grapple with ways it is implicated in that violence
Baptist News Global: Simply condemning racism and xenophobia as evil is not enough. The white church has yet to grapple fully with the ways it is implicated in racist violence in the U.S. and around the world.

Founder, board of Vatican women's magazine quit
Associated Press: The founder and all-female editorial board of the Vatican's women's magazine have quit after what they say was a Vatican campaign to discredit them and put them "under the direct control of men," that only increased after they denounced the sexual abuse of nuns by clergy.

The Spark

America blew it on arugula
Arugula was put through the wringer during the 2008 presidential election because Obama's opponents claimed that it was intolerably fancy. But as The Atlantic argues, the vegetable has brought more than enough to the table to earn the ubiquity it's never had.

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