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  • Christian history in Crimea
  • Trial dismissed for UMC pastor
  • Apology to the local church
  • Music, Mason jars and rocking chairs
  • Faith and advertising
  • PowerPointless

The 160-year Christian history behind what's happening in UkraineChristianity Today: The Crimean War was significant for more than the beginning of modern nursing through the work of Florence Nightingale. It represented a pivotal moment in European religious affairs, writes Philip Jenkins.

Ogletree trial dismissed: The official statementsUM Reporter: UMC bishops announced Monday that the trial of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Ogletree was being dismissed in favor of an agreed settlement between all parties. New York Times: Methodist bishop to end trials for ministers who perform gay weddings

An open apology to the local churchChristianity Today: Though much have I attended you, late have I loved you, writes Katelyn Beaty.

Folks dance in church at Floyd County's Wild Goose Christian CommunityThe Roanoke Times: At Wild Goose Christian Community, people meet in an old church in Floyd County. They listen to old-time mountain music instead of a choir. They sit in rocking chairs instead of pews. They take Communion from a Mason jar instead of a goblet.

Competing to be the real thingThe Economist: Perhaps it's surprising that the worlds of faith and advertising don't clash even more frequently. At a deep level, both activities are competing for the same space in people's conscious and sub-conscious minds.

The Spark

PowerPointlessDigital slideshows are the scourge of higher education. Slate shows us why -- with a PowerPoint presentation.

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