Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Theology of workflow
  • Why the world is more violent
  • Church reels from pastor suicide
  • Inside a prison chapel
  • Midlife milestones
  • The kitchen dog

Theology of workflow connects dots between spirituality and efficiency ABPnews/Herald: Author Matt Perman said tackling big or small chores, at home or at work, can be spiritually refreshing if a person sees those tasks from a Christ-like perspective.

Why the world is becoming more violent Christianity Today: Sociologist Rodney Stark unearths why global religious hostility is on the rise.

Young Waukee church faces pastor's suicide Des Moines Register: Sunday services at Westwind Church openly addressed the youth pastor’s recent suicide. Brent Minter, the church's worship pastor, said that dealing directly with trauma is crucial. "In true community, you have got to talk about it, and you have got to deal with it," Minter said.

What does religion look like in prison?Pacific-Standard: Ex-Catholics, atheists, Cherokees, Lakotas, Lutherans and Wiccans all make an appearance in Joshua Dubler’s book “Down in the Chapel.” He meticulously observed the life of a Pennsylvania prison chapel for years and repeatedly interviewed some of its 3,500 residents.

Midlife milestones unmet The High Calling: A spiritual director offers advice on dealing with the mid-life dilemma of performance vs. potential. One problem: We don’t just want to be excellent. We want to be comparatively excellent.

The Spark

Turnspit dogs: The rise and fall of the Vernepator Cur The canis vertigus, or turnspit, was a breed of dog that was an essential part of every large kitchen in Britain in the 16th century. The small canine was bred to run in a wheel that turned a roasting spit in cavernous kitchen fireplaces, NPR says. "They were referred to as the kitchen dog, the cooking dog or the Vernepator Cur," says Caira Farrell, library and collections manager at the Kennel Club in London. "The very first mention of them is in 1576 in the first book on dogs ever written."

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