Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Helping poor pastors
  • Pope apologizes to Pentecostals
  • Catholic marriages in decline
  • Organ donor
  • Survey: children are refugees
  • Marriage & Rule of Benedict

Pastors in povertyChristian Century: Carol Howard Merritt asks, why are our pastors in poverty? What can we do about it?

Pope apologizes for the Catholic persecution of PentecostalsBoston Globe: In a meeting with some old Protestant friends, Pope Francis apologizes for the Catholic Church's persecution of Christianity's burgeoning Pentecostal movement.

The spiritual significance of a traditional church weddingThe Atlantic: According to new data, Catholic marriages in the U.S. are on a steep decline. Why are fewer couples relying on religious institutions as they take their vows?

Survey: Most Americans say U.S. should shelter, not deport, child migrantsReligion News Service: Most Americans say the waves of children crossing into the United States from Central America are refugees fleeing danger at home.

Estate of man who left church over loss of pipe organ to fund refurbished Hook organ in BangorBangor (Maine) Daily News: Waldo McClure "Mac" Libbey was so angry 50 years ago when his church mothballed its pipe organ that he left the congregation. In his will, Libbey righted that wrong.

The Spark

Marriage: listening with the ear of the heartIn the second of the two National Catholic Reporter articles about marriage, Melissa Muswick Nussbaum points to the Rule of St. Benedict as a model for marriage. "When I learned that St. Benedict . . . had two (count 'em, two) monks try to poison him, I figured he was on to something about community life, including the communal life that is marriage."

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