Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/13/2021

  • Ramadan rhythms
  • Rethinking American churches
  • Refugees in limbo
  • SCOTUS redefining liberty
  • New worship songs
  • Silent endurance vs. resilience

The rhythms of Ramadan
Deseret News: Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, is marked by daytime fasting and nighttime prayers, which disrupt the body’s biological clock. What does this mean for the soul?

It’s time to rethink American churches
Sojourners: Instead of feeling hopeless, those of us in the church can see the recent Gallup poll as an essential wake-up call, recognizing this urgent opportunity to renew the church and redefine how it is perceived.

Canceled flights, expired clearances: Resettlements in limbo
Associated Press: It’s been two months since President Joe Biden signed an executive order he said would “begin the hard work of restoring our refugee admissions program.”

The Supreme Court broke its own rules to radically redefine religious liberty*
Slate: Late on Friday night, the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision in Tandon v. Newsom, which blocked California’s COVID-related ban on religious gatherings in private homes.

When do the latest Hillsong and Bethel hits belong in your Sunday lineups?
Christianity Today: How worship pastors decide whether to sing to the Lord a new song.

The Spark

Don’t mistake silent endurance for resilience
In powering through discomfort,* Priyanka Mattoo became inured to it -- until she figured out how to acknowledge what she actually wanted.

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