Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/23/2019

  • Sri Lanka Christians
  • Christians persecuted?
  • Human rights & Christianity
  • Serene Jones interview
  • Claiborne against guns
  • Grief and time

Sri Lanka's Christians were left unprotected for far too long
The (London) Guardian: Politicians and police have done little to halt the persecution of religious minorities. That will change now, but it's already too late

Are Christians privileged or persecuted?
The New York Times: Western liberalism’s peculiar relationship to its Christian heritage leaves non-Western Christians exposed.

Recovering the Christian foundations of human rights
Real Clear Politics: Correcting the error common to the left and right that human rights are one thing and religion entirely another might contribute to rebuilding common ground.

Reverend, you say the virgin birth is ‘a bizarre claim’?
The New York Times: The president of Union Theological Seminary discusses crucifixion, hell and a new reformation.

God, guns, and country: The evangelical fight over firearms
The New Yorker: Claiborne believes that conservative culture often conflates Christianity and nationalism. This has long involved aligning religion with American gun culture.

The Spark

To grieve is to carry another time
Matthew Salesses considers the impact of his wife's passing on his experience as a human passing through the fourth dimension for Longreads, “When my wife died, my life was thrown out of time.”

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