Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/27/2021

  • Clergy peacekeeping in N. Ireland
  • Tarot cards & Gen Z
  • Antisemitism in pandemic
  • Stalin vs. religion
  • Landmark name changes
  • Impact of screen time

As Brexit stirs tensions, Northern Irish clergy reprise peacekeeping roles
Episcopal News Service: Bitter negotiations over Northern Ireland’s status after Brexit have reignited old tensions between Irish Catholic nationalists and pro-British Protestant unionists.

Tarot booms as Generation Z sorts out spiritual path
Religion News Service: Generation Z has been the driving force behind the renewed popularity and mainstreaming of the age-old esoteric system.

Pandemic gives rise to antisemitic ‘Zoom bombing’
Associated Press: Last year had the third-highest tally of antisemitic incidents since the Anti-Defamation League began tracking them in 1979.

Why Stalin tried to stamp out religion in the Soviet Union
History: Joseph Stalin led a uniquely brutal campaign against religion and religious leaders.

US landmarks bearing racist and colonial references are renamed to reflect Indigenous values
The Conversation: A creek running through the city of Ames in central Iowa was officially renamed to Ioway Creek in February 2021, after a yearlong process that involved local and federal agencies.

The Spark

Is there an antidote to ‘digital intensity’?
It’s not just that we’re increasingly using digital tools to work; it’s that we’re also using digital tools more to work more, the BBC says.

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