Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/30/2019

  • College breaks with UMC
  • Trump & evangelical morals
  • Anti-Semitism is real
  • Religious freedom decline
  • Unlikely path to Judaism
  • Need for public beaches

Ohio college severs formal ties with denomination
United Methodist News Service: Trustees of Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio have voted unanimously to end the school’s formal affiliation with The United Methodist Church.
Religion News Service: Protesting Methodist LGBTQ policy, confirmation class takes a pass

Trump has changed white evangelicals’ views on morality in one major way
HuffPost: White evangelical Christians used to care deeply about politicians’ moral failings. That has changed dramatically since they started backing Trump, a study finds.

Why do Jews have to be murdered for you to admit anti-Semitism is real?
Forward: Of course, anti-Semitism is real. That should go without saying.

How the U.S. and other governments are failing people of faith around the world
Deseret News: Religious freedom is deteriorating around the world, according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom's latest report.

I'm converting: One mother's unexpected path to Judaism
NPR: After learning of her adopted son's Jewish roots, Jane Kemp joined the 34% of adults who have changed their religious identity.

The Spark

We were poor, but the beach was ours
Kaitlyn Greenidge on why America needs public beaches for Sierra Magazine, “I feel the freest when I'm standing in the ocean.”

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