Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Religion & pay inequality
  • Mass exodus coming
  • World Vision on same-sex marriage
  • Grad-school debt rising fast
  • A look at Francis' leadership
  • Not as busy as you think

Jimmy Carter: Religion part of pay inequityPolitico: Former President Jimmy Carter says that the fact that women, on average, earn less than men in the workplace is partly because of religious leaders who present women's inferiority as gospel.

Why churches should brace for a mass exodus of the faithfulThe Week: What if the next institutions to be leveled by the Christian ideal of equality are the churches themselves? At least those that have resisted reforming themselves in light of women's equality.

World Vision to recognize employees' same-sex marriagesReligion News Service: World Vision has announced that it will no longer define marriage as between a man and a woman in its employee conduct manual, a groundbreaking change for an evangelical institution.

Grad-school debt is said to rise rapidly and deserve more policy attentionThe Chronicle of Higher Education: The largest changes in student borrowing are taking place in graduate education, a new report says.

The Vatican Diaries' author John Thavis looks at the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope FrancisChristian Science Monitor: Author talks about dissent within the Vatican, the Pope's focus on the mother of Jesus and the devil, and the prospects for a long-lasting legacy.

The Spark

You're not as busy as you say you areAre you too busy? You should be, and you should let people know in a proud but exasperated tone, Hanna Rosin writes at Slate. Such weary complaints are more like fretful brags, and they are increasingly becoming the idiom of our age.

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