Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/7/2020

  • NY church turns into hospital
  • Pell conviction overturned
  • Church survival fund
  • Our grief will endure
  • Dorothy Day’s faith
  • Restaurants struggle to survive

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, including crypt, will become a hospital*
New York Times: The Manhattan church, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, will be able to care for at least 200 patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cardinal George Pell freed from prison after High Court overturns sex abuse conviction
CNN: Cardinal George Pell has been freed from prison after Australia's High Court unanimously overturned his conviction on five counts of historical child sex abuse.

Larger churches urged to help smaller ones survive during pandemic
Religion News Service: National Christian groups are urging larger and more stable churches to financially help small churches that could potentially close in their communities due to a steep decline in offerings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic will pass. Our grief will endure.*
Washington Post: Americans have been told to brace themselves for difficult days ahead. The numbers are uncertain, but mass death is at our doorstep.

Dorothy Day’s radical faith
The New Yorker: The life and legacy of the Catholic writer and activist, whom some hope will be made a saint.

The Spark

“It was gone overnight”
Slate shares one restaurant’s struggle to weather the pandemic.

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