Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Science & religion compatibility
  • Conservatives & academic theology
  • UMC/SBC tacks
  • Clergy as professional revolutionaries
  • Push for more married priests
  • Alone in the digital hurricane

Intelligent Design: slowly going out of style?The Atlantic: A survey suggests Americans are finding it easier to fit both science and religion into their understanding of the origins of man.

Why isn't academic theology conservative?Commonweal: Are conservatives underrepresented in the theology and religion departments of our nation's colleges and universities? The basic answer is Yes.

One issue, two church tacks on same-sex marriageThe (Nashville) Tennessean: Southern Baptists and United Methodists are preaching similar doctrine on same-sex marriage while navigating a culture where 55 percent of Americans support it.

Clergy as professional revolutionariesDaily Episcopalian: With the Constantinian settlement, clergy ceased to be professional revolutionaries and instead became professional guardians of the status quo.

Catholic, Orthodox bishops push for more married priestsReligion News Service: Top Catholic and Orthodox church officials in North America are calling on the Vatican to let married men become priests in Eastern rite Catholic churches.

The Spark

Rethinking viral: why the digital world is not as democratic as we thinkWe often judge the Internet based on the relatively few stories of success rather than the millions of failures, Pacific Standard reports. Viral is the exception, big broadcasts -- and lonely voices whistling in the digital hurricane -- are the norm.

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