Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/11/2021

  • Jerusalem tensions ignite
  • Palestinians fear eviction
  • German Catholic priests defy Rome
  • British Museum on Thomas Becket
  • LGBTQ students on Christian campuses
  • How confederate lies live on

After Jerusalem erupts, deadly strikes and clashes spread across Israel and the Palestinian territories*
The Washington Post: A day of upheaval at the holy sites of Jerusalem quickly widened into a night of warlike violence in communities across the country Tuesday, with hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip resulting in the deaths of at least two Israelis and retaliatory airstrikes killing at least 26 Gazans.
Associated Press: Rockets kill 2 Israelis; 26 die in Gaza as Israel hits Hamas

Palestinians fear loss of family homes as evictions loom
Associated Press: Several Palestinian families are facing imminent eviction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem. The families’ plight has ignited weeks of demonstrations and clashes in recent days between protesters and Israeli police.
Associated Press: What’s behind the clashes in Jerusalem?

German Catholic priests defy Rome to offer blessings to gay couples*
The New York Times: More than 100 Roman Catholic parishes in Germany held services to bless gay couples, in defiance of the Vatican’s refusal to recognize same-sex unions.

British Museum to show how Thomas Becket’s murder shook Europe
The Guardian: Rare exhibits on display for first time will reveal widespread impact of archbishop of Canterbury’s death.

17 psychological groups call for greater protections of LGBTQ students at religious schools
Religion News Service: The statement comes in response to a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 33 students or former students of federally funded Christian colleges and universities that allege widespread discrimination against LGBTQ students.

The Spark

Why confederate lies live on
For some Americans, history* isn’t the story of what actually happened; it’s the story they want to believe, The Atlantic says.

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