Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/21/2019

  • D.C. archbishop will listen
  • Apocalypse soon?
  • Wendell Berry essays
  • Cardinal: Limit Muslim immigration
  • Religion at work
  • Ferrante: Women’s power, stories

Washington’s new archbishop wants to heal ‘anger at the failure of leadership’
America: The “first and most important thing” is “getting out in the field and meeting the people,” Archbishop Gregory told Catholic News Service.

Apocalypse soon? Faith communities and preparing for the environmental end times
Baptist News Global: God says, “It is not good that the man [humanity] should be alone.” It appears that millennia later humanity is working diligently to reverse creation and be alone again.

In Wendell Berry’s essays, a little earnestness goes a long way
The New York Times: Berry is a fiery dissenter from nearly every aspect of modern life. He’s a Kentucky-based farmer, conservationist, pacifist and moral critic who even wrote longhand so as not to plug another machine into the electrical grid.

Limiting Muslim immigration is patriotic, U.S. cardinal says
National Catholic Reporter: “To resist large-scale Muslim immigration in my judgment is to be responsible,” Burke said.

Don’t talk (too much) about religion at work
The Economist: In most democracies, law and jurisprudence have tried to achieve a careful balance between the freedom to practice one’s beliefs and people’s desire to be protected from unwanted proselytism, especially when they are in vulnerable situations.

The Spark

Elena Ferrante: A power of our own
The iconic novelist writes for The New York Times, “For centuries, men have colonized storytelling. That era is over.”

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