Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/28/2019

  • Birth of fundamentalism
  • Pastor on morality of abortion
  • Clergy immigration
  • SBC decline is kids leaving
  • Confucian immersion courses
  • NC’s longest-incarcerated inmate

The day Christian fundamentalism was born
The New York Times: A 1919 meeting of ministers, theologians and evangelists in Philadelphia changed American religion forever.

A pastor’s case for the morality of abortion
The Atlantic: Jes Kast, a minister in the United Church of Christ, believes the procedure should be fully legal and accessible. Her path to that position has been complicated.
The (London) Guardian: Christian rightwingers warn abortion fight could spark US civil war

Clergy and religious immigration to U.S. continues sans headlines
Crux: There are close to 5,000 people from all denominations hailing from other countries who come to the United States each year as “religious workers.”

Only half of kids raised Southern Baptist stay Southern Baptist
Christianity Today: The bigger factor behind the SBC’s decline isn’t the struggle to gain new converts; it’s keeping their own.

China deploys Confucius in bid to boost religion controls
Associated Press: China has begun five-day Confucian culture immersion courses for religious leaders in the sage's hometown as part of a campaign to extend government control over faith communities.

The Spark

Behind bars for 66 years
North Carolina’s longest-serving inmate highlights the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system. The Marshall Project tells the story.

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