Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Theology & Obama's ISIS speech
  • Black church & climate justice
  • Funnier clergy, more people
  • Sunday at downtown churches
  • 5 lessons on innovation
  • Color-blind photographer

The theology behind Obama's speech on ISISTIME: It was a sane and sensible speech that may have drawn some inspiration from Reinhold Niebuhr, says Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie.

Black church leaders rev up for climate justiceGrist: It's a common misconception that churches haven't been doing their part in the green fight -- and black churches in particular.

Getting peeps into pews with punch linesOZY: Because good jokes and belly laughs might be the answer to getting more people into church.

Fewer church members maintain historic churchesWaynesboro (Va.) News-Leaders: As in other places in America, fewer people occupy the pews in Staunton and Waynesboro downtown churches on Sunday.

5 easy thesesVanity Fair: There's so much talk about innovation these days that it's become a buzzword, drained of clear meaning. Here are five lessons about how innovation happens in the real world.

The Spark

The photographer who rejected racism in the American southAt the turn of the 20th Century, life was incredibly difficult for the African-American community in the southern states of the US. But one self-taught photographer used his camera to challenge racial barriers and capture the diversity of the American South.

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