Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/18/2019

  • Candidates speak to faith leaders
  • Mass at Notre Dame
  • SCOTUS passes on cake case
  • Church runs drag event
  • Quebec bill
  • Theology or superstition

Joe Biden and other candidates speak to diverse faith leaders, activists
Religion News Service: Candidates fielded questions from faith leaders and low-income Americans during a gathering organized by the Poor People’s Campaign.

Paris archbishop celebrates first Mass in Notre Dame since fire
America: The archbishop of Paris wore a hard hat as he celebrated the first Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral since a huge blaze devastated the landmark building in April.

Why the Supreme Court sent a new case on same-sex wedding cakes back to lower courts
Deseret News: Questions left unanswered in last year’s ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission will remain unanswered for now.
The New York Times: How battles over serving same-sex couples play out in court

Progressive church to run drag queen story time after city officials try to stop event
HuffPost: Open Cathedral, an LGBTQ-affirming church in Texas, has rented out a room at the Leander Public Library to make sure the show goes on.

Quebec’s new law banning religious garments in public fails the reality test
Religion News Service: If the precedent is set that the government can single people out for their religious appearance, what’s to stop them from expanding these discriminatory restrictions?

The Spark

How a new generation of Nigerian writers is salvaging tradition from colonial erasure
The traditions, theologies, prophecies and perspectives shaped by traditional religions have often been reduced to superstition. But connection to the past lingers through literature, Nnamdi Ehirim writes at Literary Hub.

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