Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/4/2019

  • Community & mass shootings
  • Praying for the president
  • PNW is Am's religious future
  • Bloggers exposing abuse
  • Church stamps $20 bills
  • We don’t deserve Keanu

Mass shootings transform how America talks, prays, prepares
AP: The unending litany of mass shootings in recent years has built an unacknowledged community of heartbreak, touching and warping the lives of untold thousands.

On praying for the president
The Atlantic: Donald Trump’s controversial stop at a Virginia mega-church after a mass shooting showed how even normal Christian behavior has been scrutinized during this administration.
Politico: Pastor tells congregation why he prayed for Trump

The Pacific Northwest is the American religious future
Religion News Service: Mark Silk found that religion's primary way of making common cause in the PNW was environmentalism, which in had become the region's dominant worldview -- its civil religion if you will.

The crusading bloggers exposing abuse in Protestant churches
The Washington Post: No one was paying attention -- until these armchair investigators came along.

Andrew Jackson staying on the $20 bill? Not at this church.
Religion News Service: Since May 2, a UCC church has been stamping all $20 bills from its offering plates with Harriet Tubman’s face.

The Spark

Keanu Reeves is too good for this world
The Internet has recently provided us with an unlikely antidote to everything wrong with the news cycle: the actor Keanu Reeves, says The New Yorker.

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