Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/8/2021

  • Rick Warren to step down
  • SBC pastors want inquiry
  • Muslim family killed
  • Richard Rubenstein dies
  • Barring atheists from office
  • Murder in an evangelical church

Rick Warren announces search for Saddleback replacement
Baptist Press: When the new lead pastor is in place, Warren will transition to the role of founding pastor.
Religion News Service: Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren signals retirement with search for successor

Southern Baptist pastors demand inquiry into handling of sex abuse cases
Religion News Service: The pastors want to confront allegations detailed in letters from outgoing SBC ethics chief Russell Moore, who said top leaders of the convention resisted sexual abuse reforms and bullied a sexual abuse victim.

A driver slams into a Muslim family, killing four people, in what Canadian police say was a hate crime
CNN: A family of five was waiting at an intersection in the Canadian city of London when a driver intentionally mounted the curb and struck them, killing four, because of their Islamic faith, officials said Monday.

Richard Rubenstein, 97, dies; theologian challenged ideas of God*
The New York Times: A rabbi, educator and author of a landmark book, he asked, “How can Jews believe in an omnipotent, beneficent God after Auschwitz?”

Why it matters that 7 states still have bans on atheists holding office
The Conversation: Tennessee’s Constitution includes a provision that bars three groups from holding office: atheists, ministers and those engaging in duels.

The Spark

The murder scandalizing Brazil’s evangelical church
Flordelis dos Santos de Souza became famous* as a gospel singer, a pastor, and a politician. Then her husband was killed, The New Yorker says. (trigger warning: sexual abuse)

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