Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/14/2020

  • SCOTUS on culture wars
  • Hagia Sophia to be mosque again
  • Catholic coronavirus aid
  • Mormon church calls for masks
  • Cancel the debts of poor countries
  • Grieving alone, together

The Supreme Court tries to settle the religious liberty culture war
TIME: Rarely has a single Supreme Court term created such alternating spasms of anger and joy, bouncing back and forth across the ideological aisle.

The trouble with making Hagia Sophia a mosque again*
The Washington Post: Erdogan has shrugged off complaints, framing the decision as an exercise of Turkish sovereignty.

Yes, Catholic Church got billions in federal coronavirus aid -- and thank goodness
Religion News Service: Like many other non-profits, a good number of Catholic organizations have been hit hard during the pandemic.

Mormon leaders ask church members to wear face masks in public to defend against coronavirus
CNN: Mormon church leaders are imploring followers to wear masks in public to defend against the coronavirus as temples reopen and church activities resume.

UK faith leaders urge chancellor to press G20 to cancel debts of poor countries
The Guardian: A letter from faith leaders warns of the risks that the coronavirus pandemic poses to poverty reduction efforts.

The Spark

In absentia
A meditation at Longreads on the nature of grief, at a time when the whole world seems to be grieving.

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