Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/16/2019

  • Christian unity on climate policy?
  • Restrictions on religion up
  • Wild Goose conference
  • Who belongs in America?
  • The religious middle
  • Art of aphorism

The Green New Deal picks up major Christian endorsements
HuffPost: What climate policy would Jesus choose? One that protects nature and lifts up the poor, these Christians say.
Washington Post: One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian. She’s on a mission to persuade skeptics.

Government restrictions on religion increasing worldwide
Associated Press: Government restrictions on religion have increased markedly in many places around the world, not only in authoritarian countries, but also in many of Europe’s democracies.
Pew Research: A closer look at how religious restrictions have risen around the world

In remote Appalachia, liberal Christians gather at Wild Goose to pray -- and plan
Religion News Service: This year was Wild Goose’s eighth iteration since 2011. It is a curious blend of music festival, activist strategy session, and spiritual revival.

Donald Trump has made it clear: the only ‘real Americans’ are white and Christian
The Guardian: In a recent tirade from his bully pulpit on Twitter, Trump revealed who he thinks belongs in the United States -- and who doesn’t.
The Atlantic: Trump tells America what kind of nationalist he is

Democrats have the religious left. Can they win the religious middle?
NPR: Democrats are hopeful they can mobilize a religious left to counter the religious right. Less clear is whether the outreach will resonate with those voters who make up the religious middle.

The Spark

The art of aphorism
Why are fragments of wisdom -- empirical or mystical, funny or profound -- such an enduring form? Adam Gopnik asks at The New Yorker.

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