Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • No theology at King's College
  • Multi-ethnic churches
  • Vatican trial?
  • Amish exploitation backlash
  • Mormon feminists' middle way
  • Children at the bus stop

Leading university drops theology and ministry programme to save moneyThe Tablet: Leading theologians have criticized the closure of the post-graduate theology and ministry program at King's College London as "deeply regrettable."

Multi-ethnic churches lament America's racial injusticeTime: The American church must do better in providing spiritual leadership toward a healing response.

Defrocked diplomat may become first priest accused of sexual abuse to be tried at the VaticanWashington Post: The world may be about to witness a first: the Vatican putting on trial one of its own officials for sexual abuse.

A growing backlash against 'Amish exploitation' in PennsylvaniaNPR: Locals in Lancaster County, Penn., where "Amish Mafia" is filmed, are fighting back against what they call "Amish exploitation."

Forget priesthood -- moderate Mormon feminists seek a middle wayReligion News Service: LDS women pushing for change have attracted local and national attention, but such efforts also have divided the faithful in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Spark

The quiet vulnerability of children at the bus stopAs the new school year begins, the landscape across the country begins to shift with the familiar scene of children waiting for the school bus to pick them up. At Slate's photo blog, Greg Miller presents photographs of "the lonely, often sleepy figures."

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