Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/7/2020

  • The unofficial racism consultants
  • White supremacy in Christianity
  • Back to church, not normalcy
  • Dakota Access pipeline shut down
  • Vatican urges disarmament
  • What do the police believe?

The unofficial racism consultants to the white evangelical world*
The Atlantic: Behind every white pastor’s statement about racial reconciliation is a Black colleague’s late-night tracked changes.

White supremacist ideas have historical roots in U.S. Christianity
NPR: Elements of racist ideology have long been present in white Christianity in the United States.

Back to church -- but not, let’s hope, back to normal*
The New Yorker: The point of church is not just comfort or familiarity. It is, or should be, coming to grips with the relentless radicalism of Jesus

Dakota Access pipeline temporarily shut down in legal and ‘spiritual’ battle
Religion News Service: The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has temporarily shut down the Dakota Access pipeline for the latest twist in what activists and religious leaders have called a “spiritual battle.”

Vatican urges disarmament in recovery from COVID-19
Crux: On Tuesday, the Vatican COVID-19 taskforce issued a call for global disarmament during the coronavirus pandemic, and investment in what they said are peacemaking measures such as healthcare, food security and the environment.

The Spark

What the police really believe
Officers are conditioned to see themselves as constantly in danger, Vox says.

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