Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/9/2019

  • Pastor on watch list sues
  • Christian book faked on Amazon
  • VP at pro-Israel summit
  • Dallas family buys church
  • Buddhists & nationalism
  • White male critics

A pastor who was put on a watch list after working with immigrants is suing the US
BuzzFeed News: The Rev. Kaji Douša said her First Amendment rights were violated after she was surveilled and questioned by the government for her work.

Amazon sold $240k of ‘Liturgy of the Ordinary’ fakes, publisher says
Christianity Today: A Christian bestseller was targeted by a major counterfeiting scheme.

Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo address Christian pro-Israel summit
Religion News Service: Pence and Pompeo both addressed the annual summit of Christians United for Israel, a conservative Christian organization which claims more than 6 million members.
Religion News Service: The anti-Semitic theology behind the Christian Zionist lobby

‘The ancestors are crying out’: Why a Dallas family stepped up to save the only church in Addison
Dallas News: They hope the revival of this historic site will provide a healing space for racial reconciliation.

Buddhists go to battle: When nationalism overrides pacifism
The New York Times: A Buddhist faith known for pacifism is taking its place in a new age of nationalism.

The Spark

The dominance of the white male critic
Reviews of the Whitney Biennial showed that conversations about art have the same blind spots as our political discourse, The New York Times says.

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