Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Is church "code" hurting church growth?
  • Evangelicals & Catholics Together after Neuhaus
  • No one builds statues of committees

Who locked the gates?The Alban Institute: The implicit codes and requirements of those “inside” the church unwittingly create barriers for those the church seeks to reach

Applying meaning to management with ancient Hindu mythologyWashington Post: In New Delhi, mythology expert Devdutt Pattanaik serves as “chief belief officer” for a top Indian retail company.

The post-Neuhaus future of evangelicals and Catholics togetherChristianity Today: Charles Colson says the convert to Catholicism helped break down the most important barrier.

Website seeks to rally support for women's ordinationAssociated Baptist Press: A Texas couple has started a website urging Baptist women to speak up for their rights to be ordained as deacons and senior pastors.

The Spark

Advertising guru was one of the real Mad MenAMC’s award-winning television series may be fiction, but British eccentric David Ogilvy did write the American way of selling, says a new book, “The King of Madison Avenue.” According to an excerpt in the Sunday Times (London), Ogilvy, like other large personalities, would have stood out in almost any line of work. But in advertising, he found a field that embraced his personality. His favorite aphorism on leadership: “Search your parks in all your cities / You’ll find no statues of committees.”