Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/11/2020

  • How churches spent relief funds
  • The Uighur ‘genocide’
  • Billy Graham statue in Capitol?
  • Souls to the Polls looks different
  • BLM graffiti into memorial
  • Black activist burnout

How megachurches spent coronavirus relief funds
Christianity Today: Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona, is one of more than 88,000 religious organizations that received money from the Small Business Administration as part of the CARES Act.

Faith leaders join forces to warn of Uighur ‘genocide’
The Guardian: A statement signed by Rowan Williams, bishops, imams and rabbis says the Chinese Muslim minority faces ‘human tragedy.’

Should Billy Graham -- evangelist with an anti-Semitism scandal -- get a statue in the Capitol?*
Forward: For Jews and groups concerned with the separation of church and state, the prospect is a problematic one.

Coronavirus won’t stop Souls to the Polls in Florida -- but it will look different*
Miami Herald: For years, South Florida’s Black churches have gathered their flocks on the Sunday before Election Day and led them to the polls on the final day of early voting. The coronavirus pandemic will change how and when “Souls to the Polls” takes place in a region with one of the worst outbreaks in the country.

Instead of painting over Black Lives Matter graffiti, this church memorialized the message
HuffPost: In the midst of protests over police brutality, this Portland church hopes the Christian community wakes up to the issues of racial injustice in this country.

The Spark

Black activist burnout: ‘You can’t do this work if you're running on empty’
National attention may wane, camera crews and the larger crowds may fade, but some protesters are still staging rallies and marches in cities across the nation, NPR says.

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