Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/27/2019

  • Screens & scripture
  • Wade Clark Roof dies
  • Can religious org fire LGBTQ?
  • Misinformation problems
  • Protestant church in Rome
  • Expiring money

Screens are changing the way we read scripture
Christianity Today: As digital reading habits rewire our brains, how will we process the Bible differently?

Trailblazing sociologist of religion Wade Clark Roof dies at 80
Religion News Service: American scholars who study faith are grieving the passing of Wade Clark Roof, 80, a sociologist of religion who helped Americans grasp the spiritual lives of the Baby Boomer generation.

Can a religious school fire a gay teacher? It's complicated.
NBC: When it comes to employment nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people, "the law is in flux," said Lambda Legal's Jenny Pizer.

Misinformation has created a new world disorder*
Scientific American: Our willingness to share content without thinking is exploited to spread disinformation.

Pope won’t throw in the towel on Italy’s plucky Protestant outpost
Crux: Since 1914, this tiny Protestant church has displayed a tongue-in-cheek commentary in a vast Catholic forest.

The Spark

The 'strange, unduly neglected prophet'
Silvio Gesell inspired a worldwide movement that introduced a completely new form of money which expired. It's one of the most fascinating, and largely forgotten, stories in economic history, NPR says.

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