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  • Synod & lifestyle ecumenism
  • Clergy arrests in Ferguson
  • Church giving
  • When Ebola comes to church
  • Shock at Andover Newton
  • Regular people who change the world

'Lifestyle ecumenism' may be the real breakthrough at 2014 synodCrux: Synod may augur a new era of "lifestyle ecumenism," in which the church approaches people living outside its ideal for marriage with friendship rather than condemnation.

Clergy among dozens arrested on final day of 'Ferguson October' protestsThe (London) Guardian: Hundreds marched on Ferguson police station in 'Weekend of Resistance' to protest killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.The (London) Guardian: St Louis protests: Ferguson activists reject religious leaders' platitudes

Church giving won't rise unless pastors embrace Jesus' teachings on poor, report saysReligion News Service: Seminaries need to school future clergy on the affluence of American congregations, and remind church members of "God's agenda to love a hurting world," report says.

When Ebola comes to churchHuffington Post: Few people expected a mostly Anglo congregation in Dallas to stand by a Liberian immigrant forced to live in quarantine. But as Wilshire Baptist knows, this is what we do. This is what it means to be a church.

Andover Newton Theological head admits extramarital affairBoston Globe: Just a few days before his inauguration, the president of Andover Newton Theological School acknowledged having an extramarital relationship, an admission that has badly shaken the small campus.

The Spark

Regular people who changed the world, and how you can tooIn their new book, "A Path Appears," Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn share uplifting stories of people who are making the world a better place. National Geographic caught up with the authors and heard how a woman in Malawi used doughnuts to transform her -- and her husband's -- life, why the United States has to rely on private philanthropy, and why giving is as pleasurable as eating ice cream or falling in love.

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